Cashyy – download games on your phone and earn money! (PayPal)

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What is Cashyy?

Cashyy is a mobile app that pays you to play games, and yes, that’s right, pays you to play games. Basically you need to download games shown by the Cashyy app, play them and you will get paid for each minute played. The more minutes you play, the more money you wil make on Cashyy app.

This is a very simple app, it doesn’t really needs a big review, so have fun playing games and earning money!

How do I get paid?

You get paid via PayPal when you reach only 0.50 EUR, when you login you will get like 8000 coins bonus for sign-up, and the minimum amount of coins you need to withdraw is 10000 coins, you can earn that in like 15-20 minutes easily. The more time you have to play Cashyy games, the more coins and more EUR you will have in your PayPal account.

They have a referral program?

Yes, they have! Whenever you invite someone you will receive 250 coins and LIFETIME earnings from the coins they get when they play (25% commission).


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